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There are plenty of roadblocks when it comes to saving successfully for retirement. Below, I touch on a few that everyone, regardless of age, should keep in mind.

Not saving enough

The most straightforward reason is the #1 reason. Sometimes people don’t save any money, and that will naturally come back to haunt them in the future. Too many people don’t save for retirement, which causes them to struggle during the last years of their lives. Nobody wants that. Almost half of the people 55 or older have less than $100,000 saved, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Outliving the money

Say there is a decent amount of money saved away – now what happens when the person lives to 100? The money slowly wastes away until there is none left. This proves that there is never enough put away in most cases, whether due to unexpected expenses or otherwise.

Social Security isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Social Security is the only money available for a surprising amount of people, and the average benefit is $1,325 per month. That doesn’t make for good reading if you have no other funds available. Add in that most people’s benefits are under the average amount and many start using their benefits before the full amount kicks in, there are many factors working against them.

Not saving from a young age

Surprisingly, surveys have shown that young people have a conservative risk profile when it comes to saving money and investing.

Don’t count on working so late

Most people leave the workplace earlier than expected due to health issues or otherwise. The problem is that most people think they can make up for the gap by working longer. That is not the case for more people. It’s also easy to say you want to do something, only ending up never doing it.

Possible health costs

Some people are unfortunate enough to have serious health issues, which racks up the bills. Some may need expensive medicines; some may need senior home care. Therefore, the regular amount of money saved up likely won’t be enough.

These are just a few factors of life you may encounter. That being said, save up for retirement. It’s never too early, and it’s never too much.